NATO’s ‘force projection’ on Russia’s doorstep undermines European security – Moscow

NATO’s activities are clearly aimed at “military force projection” in the Black Sea and Eastern Europe and have no “anti-terrorism value” whatsoever, according to Russia’s Permanent Representative to the alliance, who promised the moves won’t stay unanswered.

The biggest military buildup along Russia’s borders since the Cold War by the supposedly defensive alliance is not bolstering European security, but is instead creating additional “obvious risks” for it, Aleksandr Grushko said on Thursday, following the Wednesday meeting of the alliance’s defense ministers in Brussels

“Military specialists from the alliance’s member states are implementing the decisions of the Warsaw summit [in July] and are fulfilling their confrontational schemes of military planning and military preparations in the territories along our borders,” the Russian diplomat said. “Thus, as part of reinforcing the so-called eastern flank of the alliance, it is forming battalion-level reinforced multinational contingents which will be deployed in the Baltic countries and Poland in early 2017. Moreover, they consider deployment of some ‘framework’ brigade in Romania, and some specific options for enlarging NATO’s presence in the Black Sea.”


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