Bill Clinton Predicts Global “Crisis” That Will Divide the World

Former President Bill Clinton is worried that a “crisis” of global proportions is around the corner, but that presumptive president Hillary Clinton will “know what to do” when it happens.


During a speech yesterday, Clinton asserted that Hillary was better qualified to be president than him when he first ran “because of the trouble around the world”.

“The world’s in tough shape,” said Clinton. “And one of the things that could stop us from rising together is a crisis around the world.”

“I want somebody there that doesn’t have to figure it out, I want somebody there that will instinctively know what to do,” he added.

Some will question Hillary’s proficiency in knowing “what to do” during a crisis given that she was Secretary of State during the attack on a United States outpost in Benghazi, Libya, that left four Americans dead.

What Bill Clinton is referring to when he warns of a worldwide shock that will divide the planet is unknown, although other prominent voices are concerned about the migrant crisis leading to a new war.

The global economy also continues to teeter precariously on the edge of another collapse with Brazil, Venezuela, Italy and even China looking like the next dominoes to fall.

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