Hollywood SuperStar ROB SCHNEIDER calls fluoride a “toxic poison” Tweets “Contact Fluoride Free New Zealand! ” WILL YOU?

As the Government moves to mandate Fluoride in all of New Zealand tap water!

ROB SCHNEIDER Tweets “Contact Fluoride Free New Zealand!

Bottom of the page video of Rob Schneider talking about how bad fluoridation is.


Comedian, and environmentalist Rob Schneider expressed his strong opposition to water fluoridation Schneider calls fluoride a “toxic poison” and urges people to get involved, saying “get it out of your water…you have to fight for it

Show your support for Rob Schneider for speaking out by saying thank you on his Twitter I am sure he will appreciate it.

Link The New Zealand Government is planning to implement mandatory fluoridation to the whole of New Zealand

link to http://fluoridefree.org.nz/

link to Fluoride free NZ Facebook

link to Over 300 studies that show Fluoride’s ability to damage the brain

Hollywood SuperStar ROB SCHNEIDER Tweets

At the 4 minute mark Rob Schneider talks about how bad fluoride is for you.

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