Hungary must fight ‘Sovietization’ of Europe by defending borders against refugees – Orban

During the commemoration of an anti-communist uprising in 1956, Hungary’s prime minister said his nation must stand up to the “Sovietization” of Europe by defending its borders against migrants, leading to brawls between his supporters and opponents.

“People who love their freedom must save Brussels from Sovietization, from people who want to tell us who we should live with in our countries,” Prime Minister Viktor Orban said during the Sunday event in Budapest.

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The leader, who has been a vocal opponent of EU refugees quotas, went on to state that “we cannot allow Europe to cut the roots that made it great and helped us survive the Soviet suppression. There is no free Europe without nation states and thousands of years of wisdom from Christianity.”

Orban once again affirmed his strong anti-migration stance, saying “we must close the border to stop the mass migration that flows from the south.”

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