Mass surveillance exposed by Snowden is about control, not counterterrorism – Oliver Stone to RT

The majority of the US public is not aware of what exactly was exposed by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden because media coverage focused on the messenger, not the message, the director of the biopic ‘Snowden’, Oliver Stone, told RT.

“[Snowden] wanted the emphasis to be on the message, not the messenger. He was wrong because the world was more interested in ‘kill the messenger, kill the message’. The US went heavily on Snowden and called him a traitor, profiled him as a spy or a low-level NSA guy – it’s not true,” the Academy Award-winning director and famous documentary filmmaker told RT’s Going Underground program.

Snowden became world-renown figure after leading classified documents detailing the surveillance programs of the US intelligence agencies and its allies in 2013. Stone met him in person in Russia, where Snowden was granted political asylum.

“People don’t understand what he did,” Stone said. “The datamining that we are doing as a country was missed by the general public. They think it’s about their iPhone only, or their computer. But it’s a small part of the equation.”

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