May Day Photos: Jeremy Corbyn Tells Thousands Of Communists ‘Far Right’ Are The Problem

Thousands of Marxists, Communists, Anarchists and Trade Unionists were addressed by Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn at an International Workers’ Day march in London today.

Also known as Labour Day, May Day is a supposed international celebration of labourers, the working classes, and anti-capitalists values.

Hard left Mr. Corbyn is the first British Labour party leader to address a May Day rally in 50 years.

He spoke from the top of a red bus to a sea of red flags, adorned with the hammer and sickle of communism and the faces of dozens of genocidal dictators.

Many Partiya Karkeren Kurdistani (PKK), or Kurdistan Worker’s Party, flags flew openly among the crowd, despite the group being proscribed as an illegal terrorist group in the UK in March 2001.


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