Obama is part of psychopathic global agenda: Analyst

US President Barack Obama is a part of a global psychopathic agenda “and he is merely one link in this chain that will eventually reach a New World Order unless we all realize that the impetus behind this global agenda is a ruling class that are largely bred to be devoid of empathy, guilt, and remorse, Walt Peretto said.

“Improved race relations” in the United States under President Barack Obama is a “distraction from the progression of the global psychopathic agenda,” according to an American writer and researcher who is based in Washington, DC.

During his commencement speech at Howard University in Washington on Saturday, Obama said that, “race relations are better” since he graduated from the university in 1983, but noted “the country is still suffering from inequality and racism.”

The United States is in “a better place today,” Obama added, citing his historic election as “one indicator of how attitudes have changed.”

“While it appears that the United States as a society is becoming more tolerant and more equal with less obstacles for minorities, the society as a whole is on a slippery slope when it comes to basic human rights like privacy and freedom of speech,” Walt Peretto told Press TV on Monday.

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